Industries Served

  • Smart Trash Can

    Smart Trash Can

    >>Intelligent garbage can with sensor and data processing, under the motor drive to achieve automatic unpacking, automatic packing, automatic bag change and other functions. Thanks to the high stability and high protection level of the motors we provide, they can perform well even in the harshest w...
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  • Window Shades

    Window Shades

    >>The client, a construction company, assembled a team of electronics engineers to add “smart home” features to their prefabricated buildings. Their engineering team contacted us seeking a motor control system for blinds that would be used to automatically control external heating in th...
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  • Omnidirectional Monitor

    Omnidirectional Monitor

    >>For a long time, the monitor is mainly used in finance, jewelry stores, hospitals, entertainment places and other public places, responsible for security work. As technology has developed, monitoring costs have been adjusted. More and more small businesses can afford to build their own monitoring...
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  • 3D Printer Motor

    3D Printer Motor

    >>3D printing was developed in the 1980s, and now there are many choices in the market, which can meet various customized needs. It is widely used in clothing, automobiles, aircraft, construction, scientific research, medical fields and so on. Moreover, it has become the household equipment of many...
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  • Seat Massage

    Seat Massage

    >>In our daily life, the car has become an indispensable means of transportation. But driving in a busy metropolis can be a miserable experience. The heavy traffic not only makes us nervous all the time, but also makes us tired easily. As a result, many people have installed car massage chairs for ...
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  • Car TV Elevator

    Car TV Elevator

    >>People often like to watch car TV shows to pass the time when they are on business or business trips. In traditional vehicles such as buses, in-car TVS are exposed inside the vehicle. It is usually mounted on the front of the car. But people, especially drivers, need to be extra careful to lower ...
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